Soneera Water Unity Pilot Program Successfully Started

Soneera Water is pleased to announce the successful commissioning of two Memfree systems in the Town of Unity, Saskatchewan. Working under a pilot program overseen by the Saskatchewan Water Security Agency (WSA) the units commenced operations on January 11th,...

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Canadian Patent Approved

Soneera Water Canada announces the approval and issuance of our patent CA/2834902 (Canada) on November 1st 2016. The patent is for a “continuous flow electroflocculation water treatment...


Soneera Water Honors Commitment to Saskatchewan

Partners with Local Distributor and Manufacturer

Soneera Water Canada is pleased to announce the appointment of Tecvalco Ltd as the exclusive Distributor and Manufacturer for Canada.

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Soneera Sewage Treatment Facility – Surprise, AZ

The Soneera Water treatment system can recycle the widest range of waste water; regardless of whether it is raw sewage, fracking water, industrial waste or well water for drinking.  This system will treat it and make it suitable for...

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Recycling Water

Soneera Water’s technology enables rapid cleaning and disinfection of waste water and contaminated well-water to deliver safe, quality drinking water.

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Soneera Water, LLC is an Arizona Limited Liability Company that was registered in March 2014. It was established to bring to the North American water market the patented technology that has been used in Australia and successfully trialed in various industrial settings in the USA.

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The Soneera Water treatment system is a fully automated, continuous flow electrolytic treatment process that applies ions rather than chemicals to treat water. There are no filters, membranes or chemicals. No backwashing. No stopping to remove sludge or waste with <1% operational downtime. No labor is required to manage the process.

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Recycled Water

The Soneera Water treatment system is mobile, scalable and capable of treating the most difficult of water types. It is ideally suited to both Industrial waste water treatment and Humanitarian and Disaster Relief situations given its capacity for rapid response, high mobility and fast treatment of water.

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