Sewage Treatment

Sewage Treatment

6 - sewage treatment at Surprise WWTPThe Soneera Water treatment system is a complete small scale sewage treatment plant that can be provided as a turnkey solution for specific markets.  Alternatively, the system can be used to complement existing treatment plants.  The waste water can be captured, treated and ready for reuse within a few hours, thus minimizing holding tanks, total footprint and installation times.

Turnkey sewage treatment

The system is capable of receiving raw effluent and treating it to the required standards for reuse, recycling or small scale recharging.

The system will comprise the following major components:

  1. Pre screening or primary filtration into a balancing tank
  2. Processing through the Soneera Water treatment system
  3. UV or chlorination for disinfection
  4. Holding tanks for clean water and the concentrated waste

The footprint for the complete waste water treatment for 100 homes (100,000gal/day) would be less than a quarter acre at approx. 900ft2

Complementary sewage treatment options

6a The system at work_960pxThere are many municipal treatment plants that have aging infrastructure, are overloaded during peak periods or cannot meet the minimum effluent standards without significant additional process.  An example in Arizona is small plants which are subject to increased flows when ‘snowbirds’ arrive for the winter.  In Australia, many of the municipal plants were built in the 1970’s for a smaller population and the Cities do not have sufficient funds to redesign and overhaul this critical infrastructure.

It is these types of scenarios where a Soneera Water treatment system can be utilized to complement the treatment capability of existing infrastructure.  A 1MGD complementary system could be installed and fully operational within 10 hours and have a footprint of less than 600 sq ft.