Oil & Gas Fracking

Oil pump jack and reflectionThe US has vast reserves of oil and natural gas which now are commercially reachable as a result of advances in horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing technologies. But as more hydraulic fracturing wells come into operation, so does the stress on surface water and groundwater supplies from the withdrawal of large volumes of water used in the process – needing up to one million gallons (3,780 m3) of fresh water per wellhead to complete the fracking process alone.

Thereafter and for the life of the wellhead, it will discharge up to 100,000 gallons (378 m3/day) of wastewater. This wastewater needs to be captured and disposed of, or recycled.  The Soneera Water treatment system can treat up to 125,000 gallons of frac waste water per day.  The treated water is then able to be reused for fracking operations, returned to the environment or provided to famers for irrigation.

Different Modules are available for specific fracking operations, depending upon the re-use requirements of the cleaned water.