Soneera Product - Skid Mounted Treatment System

The Soneera Water treatment system is both a standalone treatment facility and a complementary capability, suitable for enhancing current systems or meeting ad hoc surge requirements.  The systems can be deployed anywhere and are highly suitable for remote or isolated treatment needs such as natural disasters, military operations or mining activities.

The Soneera Water treatment system is a standardized system (one size fits most).  The systems have Modules that are fitted to the back of the machine to meet unique customer or site requirements.  For example, the Humanitarian System has an ultra violet light module for disinfection; or some mining companies choose to clean their waste water and provide it to farmers for irrigation.  In this instance, the Mining System may require a Reverse Osmosis Module to remove any remaining salts and chlorides from the water.

Modules include standard off-the-shelf capabilities such as:

  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Granulated Activated Carbon
  • Disinfection utilizing UV light or Chlorination
  • Waste Management module
  • Power Generator module for remote operations