Pre RO Treatment

The Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane is the ultimate filter.  It is the finest and most capable of all filters currently available.  The problem with RO membranes is exactly that – they capture everything!  This means client operations need to constantly stop to allow backwashing and cleaning of the membrane.  The power usage is high because the membrane is rapidly clogged by large particulates and the energy required to push the waste water through the membrane increases as the contaminates collect on the membrane.  The membrane life is also shortened by the quantity and type of contaminants it captures.


The Soneera Water treatment system captures particulates to a nano-particle level, without filters or the need for backwashing.  If this system was placed in front of an RO, up to 98% of the particulates will be removed before the water is passed through the RO.  Therefore the RO uses less power, extends its membrane life and reduces its operational downtime by increasing the period between backwashing.

The system is an extremely beneficial technology to complement any industry that requires an RO to meet its water treatment needs.