Industrial & Factory Waste Water

9 - water recycled from trade waste535X360Many factories contained within business parks are required to pre-treat their waste before releasing it to the municipal sewer system.  In fact, some economic development staff actively discourage certain business types from entering their city business areas because the industry can have such an adverse effect on the city sewer system.

Additionally, as the price of water increases, many industries are looking to recycle and reuse their waste water.  Regardless of the industry, the Soneera Water treatment system can provide a solution to meet a specific water-use need.  Soneera Water can manage up to 95% of different industrial waste water types by leveraging its patented technology and combining off the shelf ‘modules’ to meet specific water-type needs.

The Soneera Water treatment system is highly suitable for pre-sewer treatment and localized recycling as it has a small footprint, uses low power, a high recovery rate, almost zero noise and is very cost efficient.