We Are Unique

Soneera Water’s patented technology is unique.  It leverages technology of the past and combines it with new advanced methods to deliver a unique, scalable and proven capability to clean almost any water type; with none of the traditional issues associated with electrolysis.

The patents are strictly designed to rectify the problematic issues identified with electrolysis in the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s (see below).   Soneera Water leverages these patented design enhancements to ensure the following unique features:

  • Trade Waste Water Before and Afterelectrodes do not clog
  • electrodes last for 100 to 250 days
  • power usage is at least 50% less
  • high volume throughput

For those new to treatment using a form of electrolysis; Soneera Water uses metal ions released from electrodes to capture contaminants in the water.  We create millions of micro bubbles at the cathode which float the contaminants to the surface.  Soneera Water is able to safely remove these contaminants, leaving clean re-usable and recycled water.

Sewage Treatment at SurpriseIn contrast, previous older attempts at electrolysis sank the contaminants to the bottom, thus creating a sludge and an additional waste management issue.  Traditionally, electrolysis used vast amounts of energy, electrodes were sacrificially eroded rapidly and the waste created was quite significant.  Soneera Water has rectified these issues and offers a revolutionary product.