10. Treatment system has removed half the mine waste holding dam535X360Mining operations are very water intensive and are often conducted in remote, water scarce locations.  There is increasing pressure on government legislators and mining companies to better manage and control scarce water resources.

Traditional mine-based water treatment technologies require large footprints, large amounts of chemicals to create sediment ponds, significant labor to manage and have limited success in recycling and reusing the water that is treated.

The Soneera Water treatment system can treat the mine waste water directly on site and to the quality where it can be immediately recycled, reused or released to the environment safely.  The Soneera Water solution minimizes or removes the need for tailings ponds, aeration tanks, clarifiers and chemical additives from mining water treatment activities; offering up to an 80% saving in operational costs and a better quality product.

Soneera Water can treat 0.1MGD to 10MGD on site using mobile treatment systems that can be relocated across the mine site as operations change.