Soneera Water Unity Pilot Program Successfully Started

Soneera Water is pleased to announce the successful commissioning of two Memfree systems in the Town of Unity, Saskatchewan. Working under a pilot program overseen by the Saskatchewan Water Security Agency (WSA) the units commenced operations on January 11th, 2017.

Now approved for production by the WSA the units will be handed over to the town. The Memfree Waste Water Treatment system is a patented process that will revolutionize waste water treatment in small and mid size communities.

These two units are the first to be operationalized in North America, although similar units have been used in Australia for some years. Results under extreme winter weather conditions are positive. These two units, now that the operating certificate is issued by the WSA, will allow the town to grow by 70% from its current population of 3,000. Since the system is modular additional units can be installed as and when required to allow growth up to 6,000+ people.

Soneera Water is pleased that many other communities in Saskatchewan and throughout Canada have monitored progress of this pilot. The technology provides a cost effective treatment option for municipal waste, industrial water reclamation and potable water generation. The system utilizes a small footprint and uses no membranes or chemicals in operation. Power consumption (and operating cost) is minimal, typically around 0.05 Kwh per cubic meter of water.

Soneera Water LLC is the sole distributor for the patented Memfree electroflocculation process in North America and has partnered with Tecvalco Ltd for Canadian sales, manufacturing and service.