About the Company

Soneera Water Officers and Directors

Company’s founding team includes entrepreneurs and managers with a track record of success and a history of successfully working together.

Darrell Behan, Chief Operating Officer and Director

Darrell has been a specialist Supply Chain and Company Re-engineering Consultant for 27 years. He provides the experience and leadership essential to not only identifying key opportunities for advancement but also ensuring that these opportunities are realized. His strong project management skills include business re-engineering, modeling, plus design and construct experience within green-field sites. As a proven commercial strategist with the ability to implement strategic, over the horizon supply chain and business plans, Darrell is recognized as being at the forefront of his field.
His experience was brought to the forefront when asked by the NSW State Government to oversee the management of the 64 Sites and Venues run by The Olympic Roads and Transport Authorities for the 2000 Sydney Olympics. These Projects were running 4 months behind schedule but under his leadership were completed 3 weeks ahead of schedule and to Budget Projections. He reported directly to the Chief Financial Officer for Olympic Roads and Transport Authority (ORTA).
Previously, among other successful endeavors, he owned and operated and eventually sold a highly profitable 110 vehicle transport and warehousing company.

Geoff Hukins, Non-Executive Director

Geoff’s initial career in operations management culminated in a succession of executive roles in international supply chain focused corporations. Geoff founded a consultancy service, Hukins Logistics Services, in 1987 whose clients included a number of blue chip multi-nationals undertaking projects on 6 continents.
Geoff joined Argos Software in 2004 as Executive Director, with responsibilities including product direction, sales and after-sales customer advocacy. Geoff took on the responsibility for international expansion in 2010 as Managing Director Argos International and is currently based in Bangkok, Thailand.
Geoff was appointed to the board of directors of the International Warehousing and Logistics Association (IWLA) in March 2013. He holds a BSc (Metallurgy) and an MBA from the University of Western Sydney.

Philip Baldock, Non-Executive Director

Philip has held a range of sales management, marketing, general management and CEO positions across 25 different countries. He has experience managing multinational and privately owned companies with market leading brands in mature markets and startups in fast growing emerging markets. He joined Beam Global Spirits and Wines as Managing Director of Oceania in 1999 and in 2003 was promoted to Managing Director assuming responsibility for all Asia and Pacific regions. In 2010 he was appointed President Asia-Pacific and South America for Beam Global.


Attorney Donald W. Hudspeth

Donald is based in Phoenix Arizona and represents and advises Soneera Water. Donald has more than twenty years’ experience practicing corporate and business law. Before attending law school, Donald held a stock broker’s license at the age of 21 and owned his own business at the age of 23. He was a business law professor at Arizona State University, West Campus, and has conducted classes and seminars for a number of higher institutions and organizations. Donald has published two books on law, numerous articles and is the founder of the radio programs Law on the Edge and Law Talk.

The Thorwald Group

Frank Thorwald
Robert Miller