Soneera Water Canada Announces Approval and Issuance of Our Canadian Patent


Soneera Water Canada is pleased to announce the approval and issuance of our patent CA/2834902(Canada) on November 1st 2016. The patent is for a “continuous flow electroflocculation water treatment system”.

Combined with the existing approval of our US patent, in August, 2015, this Canadian approval provides Soneera Water with the IP protection needed to vigorously defend our markets for Continuous Flow Electroflocculation based waste water treatment systems across North America.

Soneera Water is the sole North American rights holder for this technology. With our Canadian distribution and manufacturing partner, Tecvalco, we have established manufacturing and support bases in Saskatchewan and are currently installing the first North American systems in the town of Unity, SK. One of the challenges Soneera has faced has been the limited ability to protect intellectual property that is pending approval of a formal patent.

Soneera Water LLC (USA) and Soneera Water Canada Ltd can now ensure that only authorized and proven versions of the technology are marketed and installed in North America. The processes are complex and unauthorized applications may not successfully meet the scaled demands of municipalities, industrial sites and other waste water treatment applications. In order to protect the reputation of the technology we will vigorously pursue any infringements of the technology.